CBS This Morning Reports on DARPA

This weekend, CBS This Morning broadcast a news feature about DARPA and the revolutionary work it is leading to develop cutting-edge technologies for the Department of Defense.

CBS News Reporter Kylie Atwood interviewed DARPA Director Steven Walker, who shares why DARPA is so unique:

“DARPA is an engine within the Department of Defense, challenging our military services to think differently...."

"...DARPA program managers come to work every day with their hair on fire to prevent technological surprise.”

Just like DARPA challenges our military services to think differently, HARPA will use this approach to get the most out of our federal research assets. HARPA will develop capabilities to detect, treat and cure disease.

This model, based on urgency, accountability, and results, is exactly what we need to help patients now!

Early detection and diagnosis of disease will save millions of lives, and it will save the government billions of dollars.

You can watch the full interview here: