Op-Ed: Early detection is good business published an op-ed written by our board member, Sandi Wright, about the economic and societal benefits of HARPA, the Health Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Here is a brief excerpt:

"We all have something to gain from the success of an innovative health establishment that is required to push the boundaries of modern research and treatment. Even though DARPA’s mission for the last 60 years has been to develop capabilities for national security, its collaborative research led to household products as profound as the Internet and as superficial as the Roomba. What might exist in 60 years because of HARPA: a pill that prevents cancer? Eye drops that make UV light visible? An immunotherapy treatment to thwart pancreatic cancer for those identified to be at risk?" - Sandi Drucker Wright

You can read the entire piece HERE.

Bob Wright discusses HARPA and GE with Maria Bartiromo

On World Pancreatic Cancer Day, Bob Wright joined Maria Bartiromo to discuss HARPA, the Health Advanced Research Project:

"There has been a lot of research money put into pancreatic cancer... the problem is the mortality rate is the same as it was 50 years ago. This is like the basketball team that has great players, but they can't win the game."

HARPA, modeled on the Department of Defense's DARPA, would develop health capabilities for disease detection, treatments and curse. It would bring scientific research from the lab to the patients.

You can watch the full clip HERE

CBS This Morning Reports on DARPA

This weekend, CBS This Morning broadcast a news feature about DARPA and the revolutionary work it is leading to develop cutting-edge technologies for the Department of Defense.

CBS News Reporter Kylie Atwood interviewed DARPA Director Steven Walker, who shares why DARPA is so unique:

“DARPA is an engine within the Department of Defense, challenging our military services to think differently...."

"...DARPA program managers come to work every day with their hair on fire to prevent technological surprise.”

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Aretha Franklin dies from pancreatic cancer at 76

Aretha Franklin was a legend who shared her gift with all of us for decades. Her death from pancreatic cancer should be an urgent wake up call to the federal government that the current research model for this disease is not working. There has been no improvement in the mortality rate - 91%! - since Nixon declared the “war on cancer” in 1971. There is still no early detection test or curative treatment. What is taking so long? We need a new approach. HARPA is the most effective way to develop an early detection test for this deadly disease and save thousands of lives. We can do this now.” -Bob Wright, Frmr Vice Chair GE & Chair NBCU; Founder, The Suzanne Wright Foundation; Co-Founder, Autism Speaks

HARPA at the U.S. Capitol

On Thursday, June 7, the Suzanne Wright Foundation presented the film, The Patients Are Waiting: How HARPA Will Change Lives Now, at the U.S. Capitol.

They were joined by Members of the United States Senate, House of Representatives, and their staffs; HHS leadership; officials from BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority); and local advocates.

Premiere of THE PATIENTS ARE WAITING: How HARPA Will Change Lives Now

Tuesday evening, The Suzanne Wright Foundation premiered its film, THE PATIENTS ARE WAITING: How HARPA Will Change Lives Now, at the Museum of Arts and Design, in New York City. Bob Wright, Founder of The Suzanne Wright Foundation, with guest host Maria Bartiromo, Anchor and Global Markets Editor, FOX Business Network – FOX News Channel, debuted the film as part of the Foundation’s national campaign to establish HARPA, a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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HARPA Op-Ed on

Today, Bob Wright and Dr. Geoffrey Ling published an Op-Ed on, advocating for the creation of HARPA. They write,

"There are more than 9,000 known human diseases, yet there are treatments for only 500 of them. That includes the thirty million people in the United States who suffer from a rare disease—half of whom are children.  That’s unacceptable and we need bold action from President Trump and his Administration to revolutionize how we attack disease. It is time to leverage our vast taxpayer-funded federal research assets with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver medical breakthroughs for the millions of patients in this country, and their families, who need them."

You can read the entire piece, HERE.

Bob Wright provides an update on HARPA on CNBC

Today, Bob Wright provided an update on his work to establish HARPA, a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency, on CNBC's Squawk on the Street.

With 117 people dying from pancreatic cancer every day, 45,000 people every year, we need an innovative program like the DoD’s DARPA, to build capabilities for the major health challenges facing our country.

“It is the government helping itself,” said Mr. Wright, as he described the support he has received from leadership across the aisle.

You can watch the entire interview HERE.